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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Newest book

I thought I should post a short update here as it has been too long since the last post, so here it is..

I awoke early (for me) after having an interesting dream that I cannot remember the details of now, except for a familiar word "Lo-Ga" (which is the correct pronunciation of the name of the single most important part of the Enochian revelation 'The 49 tables of Liber Loageth'), and then a knock at the door with the UPS guy delivering the next addition to my library: 'The Angelic Language, Volume One' by Aaron Leitch.

Having just finished my first read of this book I highly recommended it for those interested in understanding not only the Angelic language, but the above mentioned heart of the whole Enochian system.

This is really the first book to give a good overview of the history, reception, and mythos of the "Holy Book" of Loageth, showing its true importance to the whole system.

I will try to give a more detailed 'review' in the next few days as I am currently awaiting the arrival of the companion volume two, then when I have devoured it I can give a complete opinion of this text.

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