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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

After commenting on Frater Barabbas recent article mentioning his fiction story writing project, I add this comment describing a story concept I have.

The story would be a post apocalyptic occult pesudo-biography, like a future version of the dreaded Necronomicon (I am one of those few who do like the book, but that is another story unto itself) or the story line in Abramelin.

It would be the story of a future magician's journey through life while piecing together the mystical secrets of the ancient 'lost' civilization of Am-E-Re-ka.

The setting would be after some cataclysmic event completely destroys our modern American civilization, the survivors no longer remembering the exact details of how or when, and loosing the knowledge of modern technology possibly even to the extent of not understanding basic mechanical concepts, revering gears as some ancient religious or magickal artifact.

The text would of course have an grimoire with sigils pulled from circuit boards, and other tech stuff, computer OS and hardware history turned into a cosmology. the fabled god like power to communicate to any one any where using the secret ritual of the intarweb, of course it would have what we consider real esoteric material.

The concept was heavily influenced by a book called 'The hotel of the mysteries' were a future archeologist finds a hotel and interprets it as some burial chamber.

Other elements are based off the story in the Myst trilogy, America is like the lost land of D'ni.

There are tons of possibilities for story elements, here are some random concepts:

> The magick circle being laid out using electrical wires
> English as a forgotten language, only used in a sacred/liturgical context
> Grave diggers in the ruins of cities, like Kevin Costner in 'Water World' or Cornelius in 'Planet of the Ape's 2' finding a talking humanoid doll
> roads as some kind of 'lay line'
> Talismans made from common things like tools, car parts, circut boards, etc
> Mythologizing cars, planes and trains, and famous people turned into god-forms

I will work on this concept and eventually (maybe) even write a full book out of it.

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