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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Lion turns South

I just stumbled across the following, while checking the revised CDLI (now the Oracc project) and thought it fitting for today.

It may be hot as hell now, but the tide has turned, the Sun begins its retreat and the longer nights will bring cooler days.

:: Mul.Apin:2,1-5 :: The Lion turns South

Standard Transcription::
1> ina iti/^Su U(4) 15-KAM mul/{KAK}.SI.SA(2) IGI.[LA(2)-ma]
2> 4 MA.NA EN.NUN u(4)-mi 2 MA.NA EN.NUN [...]
3> D/UTU ^sa(2) ina id tu(15)/{SI.SA(2)} KI SAG.DU mul/UR.GU[.LA][...]
4> GUR-ma ana id tu(15)/{U(18).LU} U(4) 40 NINDA-TA.AM(3) ul-ta-{nap}-[pal]
5> U(4)-ME LUGUD(2).{DA-ME^S} GE(6)-ME^S GID(2).DA-[ME^S]

My Normalized Transcription::
1> Ina Iti/^SU U 15-KAM mul/KAK.SI.SA IGI.LA-ma
2> 4 Ma.Na En.Nun u-mi 2 Ma.Na En.Nun [ge]
3> D/Utu ^sa ina ID tu/Si.Sa\ki Sag.Du mul/Ur.Gu.La
4> Gur-ma ana ID tu/U.Lu U 40 Ninda-Ta.Am ul-ta-nap-pal
5> U-Me Lugud.Da-Me^s Ge-Me^s Gid.Da-Me^s

My Transliteration::
1> in/on Iti/^SU of 15th day star/Kak.(in)north eye.(of)arrow
2> 4 Mana watcher of day 2 Mana watcher [of night]
3> Divine/Utu which in/on path(ID=river) 'belonging to'/North\land head.of star/lion
4> turn heaven path 'belonging to'/South is/of 40 Ninda-long descending
5> days less.time nights more.time

My Translation::
1> In the Month of Shu, on the 15th day, The Northern Star of Kak, the 'Eye of the Arrow' is seen
2> 4 Mina's of daytime, 2 mina's of night-time
3> Divine/Utu (Shamash) traverses the Northern sky, the head of the Lion
4> it turns, and descends into the south at 40 ninadu each day
5> The Days grow short and the Nights grow long.

project: cams, Item 6 of 1468 :: STT 2, 331 [Mul-Apin 2]
Update: 2010-08-17

Sometimes I confuse myself, other times Im not at home or do not have my notes handy..

The month of Shu is actually August, so now the Lion waves his tail in our face, hot when its close, cooler when its not, soon tobe resting in the autumn shade..

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