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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Opening the door on this blog..

Greetings One and All, Welcome to my blog.

I will work up a proper introduction to myself, and the purpose of this blog in the near future.

Until then, the reason for starting this today, being to comment on the blog of Frater Barrabbas here instead of on his page, as my comments tend to get a bit thick..

So then, This is in reply to:
'Mysteries of the Magick Circle' (Thursday, June 24, 2010)

> "I also wanted to thank everyone who participated in the comments"

Your very welcome, indeed it is I who should thank you, it has been a long time since I have seen an Esoteric journal or forum that I felt was worth the effort to respond to.

(@others: however, I admit I haven't really look too hard for a few years either ;).

> "However, I noticed that my own methodology for working magick"

This is one of those topics I have been contemplating alot as I develope a 'standard ritual' for my tradition.

> "have always started out every working erecting and establishing a magick circle"

I percieve it as a spherical projection drawn forth from within, yet empowered by the primal divine being.
In my theology, the 'philosophical' heart of every being is a fragment of the heart of the primal one, like an infinitude of crystal shards of pure divine essence that exploded outward at the "awakening" of the current muliversal creation. Therefore we are all divine beings eternaly linked to the source.

> "From the One, Many; From the Many, One".

The Primal 'Sacred One' has its reflection in the light of the 'Sacred Star' (D/A.NU\MUL), which is the 'Sacred Flame' or 'Fire of Divine Essence'.
This being the Northern star 'Alpha Draconis', and thus I always face to the North as my anchoring point.

> "ritual circle begins the process of magick with a completely neutral foundation"

I always open my workings (and as a daily rite unto itself) with a standard incantation invoking the spirit of the Star/Fire=Sacred One, re-enforcing the link between myself and the divine, after which I declare 'who I am' (my sacred name's) and the intent of the working (or a general self-blessing formula).

> "warded and defined by the circle and the watchtowers"

While I do consider the circle's circumfrence a boundary that seperates the 'mundane' from the 'sacred', I take the perspective that every time I (we) open a circle, we are re-establishing the cosmic order, and in doing so we become co-creators with the 'Sacred One', establishing the temple space as the microcosmic reflection of the whole macrocosmic spectum, therefore I am re-creating the cosmic order in my own image, defining the strucure and organization of the universe and setting the limits of my experience within its context.

> "the magick circle represents the outer periphery of the magick circle"

I see the circumfrence of the circle not as the barrier between posative and negative existence, but more like the walls of the holy city, protecting the inhabitants and the sanctuary within from the potentialy hostile force that surround it, yet the Gates are established to allow any being ingress or egress, so long as the follow the 'law of my land'.
This 'city' is the seat of kingship over all the regions of its land.
The wards, are the guardians of the 'house of the gods' (Kur/Dur.An.Ki\E.An.Na\ki), and are also like messengers that assist in communicating my will to the gods, and acting as a conduit or conductor that manages the delivery of "goods" to and from the 'Eanna\ki'

> "1. Self preparation and purification"

The gods will forgive an unclean body, but the mindset and the intent must always be pure and holy.

> "2. ..first step is to generate the lustral water"

The primal unformed cosmos in most traditions is the 'sea of chaos' (Ab-Zu) where the two waters are intermingle, and indeterminate.
The second act of creation is the 'division of the waters' seperating the 'waters of death' from the 'waters of life' the former is the 'salty sea' (Tam-Ma-Tu\ID)and marks the barrier at the circumfrence of the circle, dividing the 'land of the living' from the 'land of the dead' across the cosmic ocean, or the underworld river. The fresh waters (Ab-Su) bring life to the 'plain of the living'.

> "proceeding in a deosil arc, starting and ending in the East. "

The theory of the correct form of circumambulation has always puzzled me, I see it as a spiral, turning in both directions simultaneously. I consider deosil (in the northern hemisphere) to be an 'in drawing' of force, while windershin is for 'out flowing' force (reverse them if in the southern hemisphere).

> "combination of fire and air"

I consider fire and air to be intimately connected together, one fuels the other, but they should be used as three seperate forces, each stands alone, and yet forms the third in there union, in like fasion earth and water, together they form a distintly different element then the two divided.

> "East (Air), South (Fire), West (Water) and North (Air), ...many variations to attribution of element to direction"

Indeed there are, I generaly see them as layers stacked apone each other, with a different ordering for each the eight regions, why eight ? 4x8=24, as it says (pardon my memory) in 'Sepher Yetzira' "..two stones build two houses, three stones build six houses, four stones build twenty four houses.."
Thus 'they are like the twenty-four elders who sit before the throne of heaven' (one of the mysteries of the Tetragramaton, believe is also in Revelations ?).
I detemined this based on the 4x4 structure of the Enochian elemental tablets, and contemplating my own Tetragram: 'N.A.G.A'.

> "as long as they represent a consistent structure"

My structure is such that Earth is the 'Mountains of the Sun and Moon' which are also the "breast's" of the 'Earth Mother' from which the 'River of Life' flows across the plain of life, following the 'Path of the Sun' from its rising in the East to its setting in the Water's of the West.
The part that might trip up some is that the Air and the Fire alternate positions North and South depending on the season of the year, transposing at the Equinox's.
Air brings the cooling winds in summer, and the icy storms of winter,
Fire brings the hot dry summer, and fuels raging storms of spring and autumn; thus the Fire follows the path of the Sun, and Air follows the path of the Moon.

> "Let the incense rise before the gate of the Sun and Moon" at the 'Equinox of the Gods'.

Therefore: Earth = East, Water = West.
While in the northern hemisphere::
Summer: Fire = North, Air = South;
Winter = reversed.
(reverse both for the southern hemisphere).

> "A gateway can be established within the circle"

On this point I constructed a couple variations of a three point vortex using the 'three great holy names' which are derived from the names of the 30 Aethyrs, three 30 character names, TEX to LIL 'ascending the heights', while drawing the force from point to point reciting the name as an incantation.

> "When individuals need to leave the magick circle, they may do so by making a gesture of opening and closing the boundary"

This action is not required for the integrety of the sphere it self, but as a portal for the individual crossing the threshold, a psycological 'pass card' of sorts.
I personaly do not even believe that you technicaly need the ok from the 'magister templi', its perhaps even more beneficial for the silent passing, just go Poof!
Of course the 'magister templi' establishes the rule for there lodge, so "when in Rome..."

> "time within the magick circle is frozen"

Indeed, in my theology time is of two kinds, 1: Cosmic Time, which is eternally Now, and 2: Temporal Time, which is, well, temporary, or simply the 'just now', The past is the foundation of the present, where the pattern of potentiality is formed that gives rise to the 'possible' future's.
Time is a very important element to establish for the proper functioning of workings intended to materialize an effect on either the subjective or objective universe in the future, therefore it is essential to reach an undertanding on the subject.
I believe that you can journey backwards through time, but can only take brief "peeks" at the results of the various potential future's based on the pattern being established in the now, thus providing the rule that allows divination and precognitions to function as a "guide" to what "could" manifest, while for working intending to create an willed manifestation in the future we can project a "bubble" of negative time into the pattern of the potential future, like tosing a stone down the path of life, and within this field we can create our intended pattern, when the flow of natural time catches up, it is possible for our pattern to supercede that which causality has formed.

> "planetary hours and astrological aspects are locked at the moment of the genesis of the circle"

I like this concept, but I also would allow a layering effect, when the rite is started marks one point in time that is 'locked in', then at any other time correlation wanted, link to that aspect with a conjuration to the appropriate beings/alignments.

> "these are my perceptions and ideas about the ritual structure of the magick circle and its localized ring of power."

Thank you for sharing your perspective.

Comments and discussion on these points are welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you for reading,

'May the Light of the Sacred Star Shine in your Hearts Forever'


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